Our first Community Zoom Session

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sat Apr 4 14:43:17 EDT 2020

Dan Brown wrote:

 > Definitely not a startup, they employ 700 developers in China.

True, "startup" was a bad word choice on my part.  I was grasping for a 
word that distinguishes them from The Big Five that currently control 
nearly everything on the Internet.

In a system as vast and important as the net, it benefits all of 
humanity to have its control broader than the number of people who can 
fit in a golf cart.

 > In fact your data is passing through China, and being passed on to
 > facebook also.

I had heard about the FB thing, but had thought that was opt-in.  If not 
requiring explicit opt-in, I don't think the word "evil" is entirely out 
of bounds.  Psychosocial profiling derived from mass data collection is 
something we should all be wary of.

 > https://jitsi.org/ is a great open source Zoom alternative

Excellent - thanks! I'll look it up and see what it takes to set up a 
VPS with it.

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