Our first Community Zoom Session

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sat Apr 4 14:28:58 EDT 2020

Bob Sneidar worte:

 > Richard wrote:
 >> And did you notice Zoom's API docs?
 >> https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/tools-resources/zoom-apis
 >> I've only started reading them, but the functionality seems like
 >> a very empowering compliment to LC's GUI capabilities, esp. for
 >> integrating with other services an organization may need.
 > Richard,
 > Without going into the details of the API, do you think a kind of
 > Customer Support portal could be built into LC?

Why not?

And imagine what can be done integrating the workflow with other 
services useful to an organization, including perhaps an issue tracker, 
project management, contacts, content management, any of the great tools 
in Nextcloud, or MS Teams, or as Bill Prothero suggests, a learning 
management system.

The ways in which cloud services can be made even more useful by mixing 
and matching them to fit the unique needs of an organization are nearly 

LiveCode can be used to provide attractive, feature-rich UIs that turn 
disparate services into a cohesive workflow.

I believe that this painfully disruptive moment in history provides all 
of us with thousands of ways yet to be discovered that we can lend our 
talents and interests to helping organizations get through this 
transition with less difficulty.

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