Getting started with geographical coordinates

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If Detailed is specified then an array with these 8 keys are returned. Example values are actual from an Android device.

"Altitude" integer in annoying meters. Ex: 88
"course" floating point in degrees Ex: 321.5 (I was walking due north)
"horizontal accuracy" integer also in annoying meters Ex: 12.136
"latitude" floating point in deg.fractionalDegrees Ex: 44.28052
"longitude floating point in deg.fractionalDegrees Ex: -74.681128
"Speed" in equally annoying KPH Ex: 1.28
"Timestamp" floating point in seconds Ex: 1585948616.576009
"Vertical accuracy" in ? but I would guess meters(cough) ex: 0  I don't believe this number. I don't know if this a limitation of Android, this device or Livecode.

Hope this helps.

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This is cheeky but I can’t run up my mobile simulation today - can someone tell me the format of the geographical coordinates produced by mobileSensorReading et al. I mean, is say latitude just one integer showing seconds, or is it deg, min, sec - and are fractional seconds returned (so, floating point)? I shall find out for myself eventually but it would help a little to know now. AFAIKS there’s nothing in the LC documentation about it.


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