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Bernard Devlin bdrunrev at
Fri Apr 3 14:20:26 EDT 2020

Hi Bernd

Your modTableField is very impressive.  Reminds me of the work of the late,
great Eric Chatonet (author of many works on Hypercard).  I see only one
slight problem: after I click into a cell a trace of the I beam is left
behind on leaving the cell (this becomes visible on selecting another
row).  I guess this is a LC bug.  If I click away (e.g. on the "examples"
tabbed button) the trace vanishes.  If I click on the column header to sort
and re-sort, the I beam trace is still there in the field in which I
clicked. If I click in the output field that also does not remove the I
beam vestige.

But apart from that visual vestige, in 20 minutes of playing with mTF I was
very impressed.  BTW, in case you have not seen this yourself, this vestige
was visible for me with LC 9.5.1 on Windows 10.

Regards, Bernard

On Mon, Mar 30, 2020 at 10:44 PM Niggemann, Bernd via use-livecode <
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> >Peter Bogdanoff wrote:
> >Does anyone have a link to obtain Bernd's modTableField ?
> Here is a link to the latest version of modifiedTableField
> there is a zip of a demo stack with a helper stack and a .rtf document
> with the API
> Use the demo stack to explore modTableField. Have a little patience to
> explore. It shows many options. Please have a look at the API document to
> get a feeling how to address and query modTableField.
> If you want to use modTableField in a project copy the group
> "modTableField 1" from the demo stack to your stack and use the API to work
> with it.
> This version is HTML5 safe. There was a superfluous wait in former
> versions. Hermann used tinyDict with his HTML5 demo of an IDE.
> tinyDictionary uses modTableField
> There are a couple of users that seem quite content with modTableField
> (thanks Jerry for mentioning it)
> I would be happy to know if anybody uses modTableField in a project.
> (aside from the people that mailed me before).
> If you have questions please feel free to email me.
> Kind regards
> Bernd
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