How to find the column and row of a basic tableField

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Thu Apr 2 15:42:34 EDT 2020


 > you make these statement but give no example code to show it. This
 > is damned infuriating as it keeps us hunting around in the dark.

On the contrary, as I've mentioned and as you know, "SEVERAL people 
immediately provided sample code." You were using sarcasm at the time to 
walk back disproven previous statements, but you never politely asked me 
for anything that I noticed. Nevertheless you received a ton of code 
from other helpful souls before I even saw your sarcastic remarks. I 
think it's clear how you are playing this socially, but that's OK - the 
facts speak loud and clear.

You have many code samples, relieving any actual need for damnation or 
infuriation, and we also have a listing of correct verifiable facts for 
those who care about real info and don't want confusion. Putting out a 
stream of wrong statements never solves anything! I like to do the 
opposite, because wrong info hurts people. Stay safe. :)

Best wishes,

Curry K.

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