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Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Wed Apr 1 14:15:20 EDT 2020

Hi all. 

I’m not sure I understand the nature of the problem anymore as the thread is so long, but if you are using the data grid, it is very easy to get the actual index and column number of a cell that has been clicked on. If you put this into your data grid script, you can see it at work. 

If you don’t want the column headers to show just set the dgprop [“show Header”] to false. You will need the header to control column widths though. The dividers are actual lines, so I suspect in a mouseDown handler you can detect that and handle accordingly. 

on mouseUp
  put the mouseControl into tControl
  put word 1 of the name of tControl into tType
  if tType is "field" then  — otherwise anything goes
    put getRowAndColumn(tControl) into tRowAndColumn
  end if
  pass mouseUp
end mouseUp

function getRowAndColumn pControl
  put the short name of pControl into tName
  put word 1 of tName into tColumName
  put 0 + word 2 of tName into tRow
  put the dgProp ["columns"] of me into tColumns
  put lineOffset(tColumName, tColumns) into tColumnNum
  /* Workaround for failure of dgIndexOfLine
  put the dgIndexOfLine [tRow] of me into tIndex
  put the dgHilitedIndex of me into tIndex
  return tIndex,tColumnNum
end getRowAndColumn

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