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2 quick notes on iOS in-app products.
1) DO NOT add a screen shot until you are getting ready to submit. The
in-app product will time-out and you can't test.
2) Apple has never provided a facility to test a purchase that the user
disputes and gets canceled in the sandbox. The only way to test is to put
the app into production using a "special" product for tier 1 and pay the
$.33 US royalty every time you test. The big rub here is that Apple only
allows users it dispute and cancel an in-app product purchase a few times
before you will be cut-off from disputes. Apple... go figure.

My code is so big(bloated with some spaghetti I'm embarrassed to say) and
tied so tightly into my app and handles both PlayStore/iOS, I don't know if
it will be much help.
You basically have to enable and wait for and process the various messages
that you will get as a user navigates thru the Apple purchase prompts. I
would start by testing in the sandbox and logging the various messages to
get the feel on how the process progresses.

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Hello LiveCode community,

Does anyone have a sample of selling a subscription using LiveCode's In-App
Purchase functionality? We are looking to sell an app with a monthly fee. I
have it set up in Apple correct, but getting errors in testing.

--Todd Fabacher
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