HTML5: MultiWindows and GoStackURL v155

hh hh at
Sun Sep 22 06:48:14 EDT 2019

This is my last HTML5-contribution for a while (I'm waiting for LC
input to HTML5).

This is now more javascript than intended. But the LC mouse
coordinates computation has a bug (was reported by Bernd).

You can now grab and resize all windows and reorder the layers of
them (incl. the main window).

Tooltips and Menus are done with one single field each because LC
creates canvases for tooltips and menus which are not marked and
relayering the stack windows becomes very hard that.

You can moreover input directly (updated on keyup) from a simple
HTML-textarea (which has full UTF-8 support) to a substack's field.

In goStackURl get the loaded stacks Delete/Close/Resize buttons
that can be dragged to other locs by rightClicking them.

MultiWindows_v155: (EU) (US)

GoStackURL_v155: (US) (EU)

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