Audio Recording with cameracontrol

Dan Soneson dan.soneson at
Fri Sep 20 17:27:49 EDT 2019

I am trying to update audio recording capabilities in LiveCode, now that we
soon won't be able to use QuickTime any longer, even on Macs. I've been
trying to use cameracontrol to do the recording, but have quickly run into
2 major bugs, I think - one an absolute showstopper:

I set the videoDevice to empty, so as to only record the audio. It seems I
am able to record audio only for 10 seconds or less. Once I go beyond 10
seconds the resulting file is unreadable, and simply doesn't play in the
player. Can anyone get a successful, playable audio recording longer than
10 seconds?

When I enable the video recording as well, I get a lovely video recording
with audio if the recording is 10 seconds or shorter. Once the video is
longer than 10 seconds, there is no audio at all but the video is still
lovely. So the file plays, but there is no audio.

Am I alone in experiencing these problems? Is there another way to do audio
recording, since we can no longer do "record sound" (since it is not
available for Windows, and is restricted to 32 bit applications on Mac)?

Platform: MacOS Mojave
LiveCode Business 9.04


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