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On 9/19/19 4:01 PM, Mark Wieder via use-livecode wrote:
> On 9/19/19 10:05 AM, Marty Knapp via use-livecode wrote:
>> Anybody had this happen - I have an older LC stack that works fine and 
>> in LC 9.5 I can edit the script of all the controls, but when I try to 
>> open the property inspector it will show the name of the object at the 
>> top of the inspector window but is says "no object selected" The only 
>> exception is for the stack itself, it will open for that.
> Yep. Have seen that one. Pre-9.5 works ok.

Same problem with the message box too. The label shows the stack name 
but the handlers can't be found. This goes back a ways but is more 
pronounced in 9.5.

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