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Thu Sep 19 16:14:14 EDT 2019

GeoLib_v105 is now a library (as substack of the sample stack).

The new version has several additions. These are now the supported functions
(rightClick the hh-Logo in the sample stack to see the library stack script):

* getHaversineDistance(point1,point2)
* getDistance(point1,point2)
* intermediatePoint(point1,point2,fraction)
* greatCircleBearing(point1,point2)
* rhumbLineBearingBearing(point1,point2)
* getSpeed(point1,startSecs,point2,endSecs)
* isPointWithinRadius(centerPoint,radius,listOfPoints)
* orderByDistance(toPoint,fromList)
* getDistanceFromLine(point1,point2,fromList)
* getBoundsAndLoc(linesOfPoints)
* getPathLength(linesOfPoints)
* sexagesimalToDecimal(linesOfPoints)
* decimalToSexagesimal(linesOfPoints)
* getDestinationPointH(point1,distance,bearing)
* getDestinationPointV(point1,distance,bearing)

BerndN added a function to get one of 16 compass directions from a degree value.

Credits: See the geoLib source, all is MIT-licensed.
License: MIT ( )

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