Ideas for my book.

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Op 17-9-2019 om 21:40 schreef Patrick Roza via use-livecode:
> First, let me say many of you gave some great input. So let me follow with
> this.
> I see an interest in:
> Raspberry PI
> LiveCode server
> Did not see anything on widgets or plugins?
> So here is are some questions for the group.
> 1. When you were learning LiveCode what was the hardest to learn and why?
> /Not difficult per se, depends on what you do or want. It has an easy 
> entry and learns you a bit to read other languages. Then the DAtagrid 
> a bit more, but i can use it now for the needs i have. Strungling a 
> bit now with LC server in combination with HTML, i doubting if i 
> should go PHP or LCserver and and use revigniter or not As Revigniter 
> looks promising, but has also a learning path. Did the LCB lessons but 
> still don't know how to start on any library to use from other 
> languages. How to use a dll, how to start. LCB is for most people i 
> think not easy./
> 2. What do you think is the main advantage of LiveCode over other
> programming languages?

/It's good to read, quick to understand. Even for non native english folks/

/For audio it's not suitable (audio creating/vst virtual instruments), 
maybe when it could be combined with JUCE, but that is C++ based./

/For Audio i  iked Synthmaker/Flowstone but that is as good as dead 
since a while, killed by love and taking the wrong path(robotics)

> 3. Do you think LiveCode is better than Python and why?
> /I don't know, but i have had doubts on starting to learn Kotlin/Java 
> as it is also multiple platform. and probably more possibilities to 
> implement when it comes to Android. But whole lot more difficult to 
> write. Livecode is far more easy to remember./

> I am just curious and want everybody to give me great input to develop a
> great book.
> Thanks Patrick
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