Stop Integer Coercion to Scientific Notation in JSON

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Thu Sep 12 14:41:09 EDT 2019

Been working Panos off list.

There is a caveat, jsonImport and jsonExport not only "display" but "preserve" the scientific notation as a literal string and math will fail.

Panos says: must use, (and include in a standalone)  mergeJson to use:  jsonToArray  and arrayToJSON 

try these:

on mouseup
   local tJSON
   put "{" & quote & "lastRunDate" & quote && ":" && the seconds & "}" into tJSON
   put jsonImport(tJSON) into tArr
   put (tArr["lastRunDate"]  +3600 ) into   tArr["lastRunDate"] 
   put jsonExport(tArr) into tJSON
   put tJSON into url  ("binfile:" & (specialFolderPath("desktop") &"/myPrefs.json" ))
   put url  ("binfile:" & (specialFolderPath("desktop") &"/myPrefs.json" )) into tNewJSON
   put jsonImport(tNewJSON) into tPreferencesA
   put tPreferencesA["lastRunDate"]  + 3600
end mouseup

# then try this

on mouseup
   local tJSON
   put "{" & quote & "lastRunDate" & quote && ":" && the seconds & "}" into tJSON
   put jsonToArray(tJSON) into tArr
   put (tArr["lastRunDate"] +3600 ) into tArr["lastRunDate"]
   put arrayToJSON(tArr) into tJSON
   put tJSON into url ("binfile:" & (specialFolderPath("desktop")&"/myPrefs.json" ))
   put url ("binfile:" & (specialFolderPath("desktop") &"/myPrefs.json" )) into tNewJSON
   put jsonImport(tNewJSON) into tPreferencesA
   put the seconds &cr& tPreferencesA["lastRunDate"]  +3600
end mouseup



Hello all,

There is not a lost of precision in the operations. The problem is just that LCB *displays* the value of large numbers in scientific notation, but if you actually do any calculations with the variables that hold these numbers, the calculations are accurate.

In other words the variables do hold the full value - it is the emission which is turning them into the scientific notation.
(emisson as text in json)

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

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