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1. Jacque is very confused too, but is afraid of big sticks.
2. Encoding should be identical throughout. I'm working with a large 
text block, pulling out sections to create a list. All data is retrieved 
from othe same variable, which is UTF16 native LC text.
3. The metadata is only set at the "paragraph" level, which I need 
instead of "line" because there is a soft return in each entry.
4. I did try to textDecode the metadata, but since it was already 
decoded in the source, decoding came out as garbage. I even tried 
encoding it too, knowing it wouldn't work, and I was right.

Solution: urlEncode the metadata before merging, and urlDecode after 
retrieval. When my example is urlEncoded it becomes a simple string:

I suppose anything that makes ascii out of the text would work, like base64.

On 9/10/19 1:04 PM, dsc--- via use-livecode wrote:
> Jacque, these are my latest thoughts as far as possible problems.
> 1. Dar is very confused and off in the wrong direction. Use big stick.
> 2. Binary data is in an 8-bit char set encoding causing problems with UTF-8 decode. Check encoding.
> 3. Field, line and character metadata are interfering. Clear all, then set and get consistently.
> 4. Merge is not handling binary data as text. Use textDecode first.
> Dar Scott
> Mad Scientist

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