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Hello Marty,

i am reallly sorry if my explanations were not clear enough, as not native English it´s sometimes a little bit difficult to find the correct technical expressions in English.

Apple´s email is a generic email. So just ignore the part with the exporting in it.

The complete Notarizing process  is a 2 step process 
1 - Notarizing (required)
2 - Stapling (optional)

Step 1  uploading a DMG containing the app or a Zip containingg the app to Apple.
Apple then is checking the App in the DMG /ZIP. The result of the check then is sent to you in a confirmation email.
If the email informs you, that the app  is ready for distribution, then you could distribute the Zip or the DMG, right away.

But without Step 2 everytime the app is launched on the customer´s Mac, Gatekeeper connects to Apple´s servers and asks if the App was notarized. If this is confirmed by Apple then the App will be launched. But in case there is no internet connection available, then Gatekeeper cannot connect to Apple´s servers and therefore the app cannot be launched.

So, although the 2nd step is not mandatory, it is recommended.
The 2nd step then is Stapling the Notarization ticket id to the app. With this ticket attached to the App/DMG the app can be launched on the customer´s Mac without Gatekeeper asking Apple about the Notarization status.

My Helper stack is doing both steps. So the DMG and the app in it and also the source app are notarized and stapled.
When doing the 2 steps but uploading a Zip file with the stack, then only the source app is stapled, as it is not possible to staple a Zip file.

I´ve created a litte diagram which shows an overview about Notarization and Stapling using the DMG or Zip method. Maybe this is useful <>



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Matthias Rebbe

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> Am 04.09.2019 um 18:41 schrieb Marty Knapp via use-livecode <use-livecode at <mailto:use-livecode at>>:
> Hello Matthias,
> I hope you don’t mind me asking a question, but perhaps other are confused too. I have successfully notarized my app and I get an email from Apple saying that is was successful and that I can now “export" and distribute my app. So that confused me. Perhaps that’s just a step for folks who build apps in Xcode? If not, from where do I export? Or is my local DMG or app (the zipped version I would presume) now notarized and stapled?
> Thanks for all your work on this - it is much appreciated.
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> Marty Knapp
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