Saving In Script Only Format Message - Really Needed

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Tue Sep 3 20:29:27 EDT 2019

"foot in mouth"  embarrassing…

I somehow added chars-string to the app folder name, Git repository, in the background. I use LaunchBar extensively, with 50 "clipboards" retained… I must have hit and selected the folder name and then cmd-\ when I meant "return" (should change that… is to close the return key!)

So then the app has stack files with wrong paths in the IDE (which I had not quit since yesterday) fortunately I was "thinking about how to do stuff" rather than coding. Thank God for Time machine. I went back to yesterday morning, and the right folder name. Everything is fine. Having never seen that dialog before. Now I know that something is really out of wack with the directory hierarchy, should I ever see it again…

> "Saving in script only format will result in
> loss of data as only the script will be save.
> Are you sure you wish to continue?
>          No | Yes

Watch out!


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