Is HTML5 really practical?

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Sun Sep 1 04:12:45 EDT 2019

> Alex T. wrote:
> Is there a way to force a reload of the bit you want (need) to reload,
> without reloading the engine ?

(Continuing my answer)

For a reload from cache you can

do "location.reload()" as "javascript"

If you mean to load another standalone or reset the current standalone without
reloading the engine:
I now looked into emscripten's module API and can't see a way to replace only
the module.livecodeStandalone which is the VFS containing the stack.

But you can make a mainstack that is only the engine and main scripts and then

• load all you need from substacks and write a reset handler to the mainstack.
• use go stack url (urls use SOP) from that mainstack.
• load script only stacks from a local filesystem

Then the engine is loaded only once.

See my HTML5 samples

TestInStandalone (button insert local library)
Read/Write Local File

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