[ANN] Release 9.6.0 DP-1

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Thu Nov 28 15:11:34 EST 2019

> =============
> Your application failed code-signing
> check. Check your certificates,
> provisioning profiles, and bundles ids.
> ================


When do you get this error? When building the standalone, or when
installing it to device?


When try to install it to device, I thought worked before in 9.5.1 (rc 1)

I looked over all your posts to the list and found one which suggest we use a iOS development profile

So I made a new certificate and create a development profile, installed that and chose it from the SA panel.
No go…. same error. Next I read the release note…. since XCode 10.1 was supported I tried that… 11.1,SDK 12.1 "green" - 10.1 SKD 12.1 now to "red" e.g. not accepted on mobile preferences. I went back to 11.1, and using the Development profile (I turned off "Beta Text") . I got the "intuition" that I should shut down after reboot. This time trying with the iOS development tool it went through and asked for a pass word to allow LC to use the certificate … (it is doing "sudo" in the background) I gave it my admin pass word and "always allows" and it installed on the phone. Yay!

But to my "dismay" the mobileCreatePlayer causes the app to crash….  which was the whole purpose of my grade, to get audio work on iPhone 7 and 8…


If you installed Catalina. Don’t make the mistake in thinking that your KeyChain has been ported automatically. You should re-install your certificates, reboot, then things will start to work. (my guess)

Meanwhile, can you post again the  terminal command for check the profiles. I have lost them somewhere and don't find them on the list.


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