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Thu Nov 28 11:20:12 EST 2019

I pondered this myself some years ago, and was unable to find a way to 
clear the default menubar.

Perhaps setting it to a group you then delete might do it, but that 
seems wonkier than we would expect for a tool like LC.

So we might instead ask: why doesn't the engine offer a means of easily 
clearing the default menubar?

Or to put it another way:  What benefit is there to the end-user to do 
that, to have an incomplete menubar whenever a stack is brought forward 
that has no menu group?

It's kinda nice that macOS will provide at least some basic menu items 
when no menubar is established by the app, but I've never shipped an app 
where that sparse set could be satisfying to my users.

If it's enough for your app, perhaps an enhancement request may be in order.

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