html5-IDE v100_alpha

hh hh at
Wed Nov 27 04:38:54 EST 2019

> Tom G. wrote:
> Is it to have an easier time testing html 5 features?..... is it to turn it
> into a product?

The SE and the messaging between the standalones is already basically done
in earlier parts of my html5 samples.

To improve the scriptEditor (which is 80% codeMirror) and build the message
exchanging I needed a "Tools"/IDE main stack. I made these tools in big
parts using the html5SE.

To improve the html5Tools I needed a property inspector. I made that PI in
big parts using the html5SE and the html5Tools.

To improve the PI I needed a dictionary. From Bernd I got an already working
html5 version of his tinyDict (by bn and contributors). I only had to adjust
it to my needs: LCS dict only, messaging to the other parts. Thanks Bernd.

So, as usual with scripting IDEs, one does develop the IDE using itself
(Kevin and the other LC-Heroes will smile here).

The current "IDE"/playground is at this state more a "proof of concept".
Probably a better error handling will be possible. And debugging will be
possible if someone is able and willing to write a "LC-Lint" (in javascript,
so it is fast enough for client-side use).

As it is possible to copy/paste from the native fields (mainly all script
editors and the property field) to the script editor of the LC-IDE, one
can develop very fast in HTML5 and easily adjust the html5IDE to one's own
needs (compile at the very end only, one doesn't have to compile to check
for small script changes).

HTML5 developing by LC (essentially) "paused" at a state that was *very*
promising and kind of "avant-garde".

This playground shall also show what is lost when the HTML5 standalone
builder isn't continued.

I'll add some other features to the html5Tools until the end of this year.
But I can't afford to put more "main-time" in it, this is not doable in a
few spare evening hours.

So it will not become a "product", except someone is willing to pay for it.

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