html5-IDE v100_alpha

hh hh at
Tue Nov 26 18:02:51 EST 2019

A few more words in defense of the HTML5 standalone builder:

Enjoy html5IDE v100_alpha. A LC-playground with 'integrated'
propertyInspector, dictionary, scriptEditor and tools.

You can create objects, edit their properties and their script.
Moreover there is a Paint-section and a MessageBox.

You can save and load scripts, but not (yet) the created card.
The dictionary is a html5 version of Bernd Niggemann's tinyDict.
The script editor is based on Codemirror (MIT-licensed).

There is a compact help (btn "H" of the Tools).

There is still a lot to do...

This "IDE" is made out of 6 independent standalones (in frames)
that send messages to each other. Each of these standalones can
separately be reloaded.

** Please be patient **
Loading the standalone needs here, using Safari and a 100 MBit
connection up to 20 seconds (first time only), so up to 2 minutes
with a 16 MBit connection.

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