iOS simulator not responding

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon Nov 25 14:42:48 EST 2019

When I run a test on the iOS simulator, it will not respond to either 
clicks/taps or keyboard entry. Basically, it's inert. I've tried several 
different hardware devices, all with the same results.

A Google search seems to show that this is a bug in the simulator when 
running under Mojave, and works again if run in Catalina. I can't update 
to Catalina yet because several apps I rely on will not run there.

I'm using LC 9.5.1 (rc1), XCode 10.1, on Mojave. Has anyone seen this, 
and if so, have a workaround?

Jacqueline Landman Gay         |     jacque at
HyperActive Software           |

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