WebP-Tool v103

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Sun Nov 24 12:47:56 EST 2019

Looking forward to support on mobile. There is the total RAM requirement that makes it hard to put the image into custom props of one stack. SivaSiva app holds  roughly 350 photos, that must delivered with the package. So a stack which had them as customs prop would "blow out the phone." So I am looking forward to

  1.  increase the density of those image. Too many have a subtle "pixalation" because I downsized them  to fit the package. Based on the eyesight and sense for image aesthetics, some users don't "mind" , they are interested on the "documentary" content of what they see. Other users react first to pixalation relatively other apps which have dense retina display images
  2.  have more images that fit the package -- last time I check it was 100MB, for iOS.
  3.  put them on them server and have a fast download time.

Looking at the forum post, if I understand it, these are all required,
"The stack webP-Tool contains and installs (if not available) the binaries for 64bit Mac/Win/linux. …The stack has included for mac/win/nux (all 64bit), cwebp (WebP encoder tool), dwebp (WebP decoder tool) and webinfo (WebP info tool)
Not included are vwebp (WebP file viewer), webpmux (WebP muxing tool), gif2webp (Tool for converting GIF images to WebP)."

And those libs "native" on iOS and Android? Of course we can still only show PNG in LC (for now)

Ha! once again, I may be chasing the moon….


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