macOS, is my app active?

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Sat Nov 23 11:27:48 EST 2019

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> wow, lots of infos, thank you very much, but maybe a little overkill for
> me.
> It would suffice for me to get this little snippet to work:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> tell application "System Events"
>         set activeApp to name of first application process whose frontmost
> is true
>         return activeApp
> end tell
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Works fine in the AppleScript Editor, but I get "execution error" when
> DOing this in LC!?
> Any hints appreciated!
> Thanks a lot!

You’re welcome. I don’t know the solution to your problem with AppleScript.
If you do go the AppleScript route just check that you don’t trigger any
security warnings in later versions of macOS. Maybe that isn’t a big deal
for your app but it is worth checking.

- -
Trevor DeVore


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