WebP-Tool v103

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Sat Nov 23 06:43:34 EST 2019

There is currently not yet support for mobile (precompiled binaries).
But Android 4.0+ supports the format natively in its browser. See


The way you could do it on desktop (and probably as soon as supported on mobile):

You have only webp resources of the images (as custom props) in the stack.
The binary (could also be installed into temporary folder) converts a webp image
of the stack as soon as it is called to png (for display), on the fly.
In my stack the needed time for that procedure is displayed above the image.
After display you can delete the png -- if converting was fast enough...

This is most probably the reason for that:
The stack contains only the binaries for 64bit machines.
I tested successfully on a 64bit Win10 machine.

See the instructions for using the stack on 32bit machines
(this works here, I tested on a 32bit Win7 machine):


Hope this was the reason and it's fine now.

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