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Hi Craig,

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> Hi Klaus. 
> I never have worked at all with this group, and was surprised that it was a LC stack in the first place. 

no, a menubar is a group of buttons, not a stack.
It CAN be a stack however, but not if you want an Apple macOS menubar.

> So I do not know why one cannot set it to empty, except maybe that something inside LC prevents that. 

Anyway, thank you for your moral support! :-)

I had to force-quit LC, after saving everything via the message box, then I switched to:
set the defaultmenubar of this stack to "my menu group here"
Then I can:
set the defaultmenubar of this stack to EMPTY

> On a completely tangential note, my defaultMenubar contains ten buttons, the first one being button "File", and the last one (after button "help") being button "divider". No idea where that button is, or what it does. 

It divides, right? 8-)

> Craig



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