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Fri Nov 22 08:54:34 EST 2019

Hi Klaus. 

I never have worked at all with this group, and was surprised that it was a LC stack in the first place. 

So I do not know why one cannot set it to empty, except maybe that something inside LC prevents that. 

On a completely tangential note, my defaultMenubar contains ten buttons, the first one being button "File", and the last one (after button "help") being button "divider". No idea where that button is, or what it does. 


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Hi friends,

we can:
set the defaultmenubar to "name of any group"

But when I try to remove the menubar again with 
set the defaultmenubar to EMPTY
I get an error: Cannot find group (or something)

However I can set the defaultmenubar of a specific stack to EMPTY!?
set the defaultmenubar of this stack to EMPTY

So how can we remove a defaultmenubar NOT tied to a stack?
What am I missing?


Klaus Major
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