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Alex Tweedly wrote:

On 19/11/2019 18:19, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
>> I may be able to help with the workaround, writing a script to set
>> that up.  But I'm finding that there are so many different shared
>> hosting configs, each with their own precious special needs, that
>> making a single installation script for all of them is non-trivial.
> That's not *simply* selfishness, because I believe there are perhaps
> only a handful of ISPs who provide a high percentage of the Livecode
> (shared) servers found in the real world, and I'm optimistic to think
> that solving this problem for those cases would be enough to make a
> difference, and specifically would help anyone coming to LC server as
> a new user.
> Google tells me (in a 30 second search, limited to the first two pages)
> that only on-rev (aka Livecode hosting) and HostM specifically 
> advertise
> themselves for Livecode servers. Maybe those two would be a good start 
> ?

I suppose they would.

I don't use either, but you've inspired me. :)

I use Dreamhost and Interserver, and conceivably if I write a script 
that works with both of those we may find that's fine for most others.  
And then for edge cases we can maintain the code on GitHub so anyone who 
needs a change for another host can just add that part.

In order of prevalence I'd guess that LC deploys are most common on: (very big) (kinda big) (several) (a few)
...and after that we're looking at a long but slim tail.

I'll give it some thought for when my client work is behind me and I 
have some spare time.

It would also be nice to write a script for installing LC Server on 
systems that don't have it preinstalled (pretty much everyone right now 
except on-rev and hostm).  Even better would be to handle both shared 
and VPS hosting.  If Let's Encrypt can be automated for so many systems 
with CertBot (an excellent piece of work), surely we can install LC 

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