WebP-Tool v103

Jjs jjs at krutt.org
Mon Nov 18 11:03:23 EST 2019

Nice, thank you. I noticed it. But they are not used very much yet. Also for jpeg are some extra formats.

hh via use-livecode <use-livecode at lists.runrev.com> schreef op 18 november 2019 16:19:04 CET:
>Sorry, the download links had a wrong path. Here are correct ones.
>[Download] Currently I cannot upload to "SampleStacks/livecodeshare".
>So please use from the message box
>(EU) go stack url ("http://hyperhh.de/xstacks/webP-Tool_v103.livecode")
>(US) go stack url
>or download
>(EU) http://hyperhh.de/xstacks/webP-Tool_v103.livecode.zip
>(US) http://hh.on-rev.com/xstacks/webP-Tool_v103.livecode.zip
>When using go stack url, as a first action please SAVE the stack, we
>the stack path for writing out helpers and creating folders for
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Verstuurd vanaf mijn Android apparaat met K-9 Mail.

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