WebP-Tool v103

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Mon Nov 18 09:42:42 EST 2019

WebP is a new image format for the web, see

The stack is a helper for using the BSD-licensed converter software, so
you can use webp images in your stacks.

The stack contains the binaries for 64bit Mac/Win/linux. You can copy them
to your own stack.
For 32bit machines see the instructions of the link below.

The WebP-Tool runs, using LC 8/9, on Mac/Win/linux.

For more info please read

Currently I cannot upload to "SampleStacks/livecodeshare".
So please use from the message box
go stack url ("http://hyperhh.de/html/xstacks/webP-Tool_v103.livecode")
or download http://hyperhh.de/html/xstacks/webP-Tool_v103.livecode.zip

When using go stack url, as a first action please SAVE the stack, we need
the stack path for writing out helpers and creating folders for conversion.

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