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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Nov 14 20:47:15 EST 2019

Mark Wieder wrote:

> Having looked into this a bit previously, it's somewhat more involved
> even than that. There a interlocking pieces among (at least) libskia,
> libcairo, and libharfbuzz, all of which jostle each other to make sure
> there is a complete list of fonts available in the native system. I
> haven't yet seen a way to change this behavior without modifying the
> third-party libraries themselves.

Are those libraries loaded from code, or from something in the make 

> I believe the problem Richard is referring to (RG: correct me if I'm
> wrong about this) is that on startup the engine (and this includes the
> server engine) queries the system for the various places where fonts
> might be stored, then iterates through the list of locations and makes
> a list of all the available fonts on the computer *and* the alternates
> for the fonts it might need for display. I also see the libraries 
> launched
> again for every extension loaded by the system.

Wow. Even worse than I'd thought.

LC Server is such a wonderful tool, I feel it could provide a great way 
to introduce other devs to chunk expressions and more.  But after that 
experience on a popular shared host that couldn't handle LC's resource 
usage, I began to feel dismayed by the prospects.

If we can't find a solution in the engine, at least we have a workaround 
with a custom font config file. But it's so many extra steps to set that 
up it rather kills the joy of LC's simplicity.

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