Commands on server and lack of examples

JJS jjs at
Thu Nov 14 13:17:28 EST 2019

Thanks, that was an interesting read.

Unfortunately i have zero C++ skills



Op 13-11-2019 om 22:16 schreef Richard Gaskin via use-livecode:
> JJS wrote:
> > Op 12-11-2019 om 19:34 schreef Brian Milby via use-livecode:
> >> Unless you are doing a HTML5 app (entire stack resides in a web
> >> page), none of the GUI stuff applies.  The LC code is pretty much
> >> a replacement for PHP code, so the GUI piece would be the same
> >> (whatever HTML/JS frameworks you choose).
> >
> > So actually the Dictionary needs some updates of stuff that is not an
> > error but also doing nothing when used on server.
> GUI elements can be useful in LC Server for creating custom screen 
> shots, which can be exported and that file data returned to the client 
> for display in a browser or an LC app.
> That's the good news.
> That bad news is that 100% of all LC Server use is slower than it 
> needs to be because it's initializing fonts for the 0.001% of CGIs 
> using custom graphics export with specified fonts.
> I've discussed the situation with several people at LC Ltd, and while 
> they're not in a position to put a solution in place right now they 
> are quite open to accepting a pull request for it, which should be a 
> relatively simple matter for anyone with C++ skills.
> I've outlined the problem and the proposed solution in detail here:

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