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Wed Nov 13 16:16:16 EST 2019

JJS wrote:
 > Op 12-11-2019 om 19:34 schreef Brian Milby via use-livecode:
 >> Unless you are doing a HTML5 app (entire stack resides in a web
 >> page), none of the GUI stuff applies.  The LC code is pretty much
 >> a replacement for PHP code, so the GUI piece would be the same
 >> (whatever HTML/JS frameworks you choose).
 > So actually the Dictionary needs some updates of stuff that is not an
 > error but also doing nothing when used on server.

GUI elements can be useful in LC Server for creating custom screen 
shots, which can be exported and that file data returned to the client 
for display in a browser or an LC app.

That's the good news.

That bad news is that 100% of all LC Server use is slower than it needs 
to be because it's initializing fonts for the 0.001% of CGIs using 
custom graphics export with specified fonts.

I've discussed the situation with several people at LC Ltd, and while 
they're not in a position to put a solution in place right now they are 
quite open to accepting a pull request for it, which should be a 
relatively simple matter for anyone with C++ skills.

I've outlined the problem and the proposed solution in detail here:

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