REST API's, JSON Web Tokens & Hash Algorithms

Bleiler, Timothy bleiler at
Tue Nov 12 09:23:49 EST 2019


I’ve seen some great presentations in the last few years from the conferences and Livecode Global sessions using Livecode to access REST API’s from web services, so I’m hoping someone can help me out here.

I need to access a web service (<>) from my Livecode app using JSON web tokens.
The service  documentation states that they only support RS256, RS384, and RS512 for hashing the signature in the token. Unfortunately, in the 139 options and variations listed by the Livecode CipherNames function I don’t see these.

Have I missed or misunderstood something or am I out of luck for using Livecode for this task?


Tim Bleiler, Ph.D.
Instructional Designer, HSIT
University at Buffalo

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