Managing maximized windows on MacOS

Paul McClernan paulmcclernan at
Mon Nov 11 20:52:11 EST 2019

I ran into this myself recently. LiveCode sends a resizeStack message when
you click the maximize "zoom box" button which you can intercept, but
there's no way to verify that it was the fullscreen zoom button that
generated the message. It would be nice if LC had the opposite of it's
/ uniconifyStack messages for maximize, maybe "fullscreenify" or something
like that. It would also be nice if it played nice with LiveCode's
non-native fullScreen modes, as it is now the stack automatically gets
resized to the current screen's sized putting all the contents to the upper
left (0,0) origin point.
I have played around a bit with a separate LiveCode builder implementation
macOS native fullscreen that seems to behave a bit differently, if you lock
the resizable attributes it centers your stack on the screen without the
resizing. It's part of this LCB library here:

On Mon, Nov 4, 2019 at 1:59 PM Giovanni via use-livecode <
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> Hi guys,
> from MacOS Mojave and on when you maximize a window (clicking on “+”
> button on windows main bar) the system maximize the window on the entire
> screen hiding all the system bars and moving the window on a different
> “virtual” space.
> Is there a way using LC to manage this window status?
> It’s possible to detect the window maximization (I.E. in a message) and
> manage the actions to activate when the window goes to this status or go
> back to the normal status?
> Thank you in advance for your tips!
> Regards
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