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Vc is the version nr of the apk. This is independent  of your app version. The vc has to be increased with each upload to the google dev console

Riko Abdul via use-livecode <use-livecode at> schreef op 10 november 2019 04:13:35 CET:
>whats is vc?
>Pada tanggal Min, 10 Nov 2019 pukul 09.44 Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami
>use-livecode <use-livecode at> menulis:
>> I see a lot of changes in my developers console on Google. I reading
>> through everything…
>> I kept these kind notes which were sent by Jerry in June, summarizing
>> W. comments on building of Android.
>> Are  they still up-to-date? And about what about Android 9? I think
>> also felt that the payload was small enough to bundle 2 versions in 
>> build.
>> =====================
>> @BR make sure that for your next release, that when now your highest
>> versioncode is 15 for x86-64
>> the armv7a starts with 16
>> that's why i showed you the sequence as example.
>> you need to increase the versioncodes but with the lowest versioncode
>> for the lowest architecture, i did it too and had no problem
>> so like this for your sequence if your highest used VC is 15 then:
>> Build                    VC
>> arm v7a                19 ---->next time --->23---->next time--->24
>> arm64                    20---->next time--->24--->next time--->25
>> X86                        21--->next time--->25--->next time--->26
>> x86-64                  22--->next time--->26--->next time--->27
>> and so on, you see the 64 builds need to be higher vc then the 32bits
>> Jerry
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>> BR
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Verstuurd vanaf mijn Android apparaat met K-9 Mail.

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