Android Deployment Update / Nov 2019

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sat Nov 9 21:43:13 EST 2019

I see a lot of changes in my developers console on Google. I reading through everything…

I kept these kind notes which were sent by Jerry in June, summarizing Mark W. comments on building of Android.

Are  they still up-to-date? And about what about Android 9? I think Ralph also felt that the payload was small enough to bundle 2 versions in  1 build.

@BR make sure that for your next release, that when now your highest
versioncode is 15 for x86-64

the armv7a starts with 16

that's why i showed you the sequence as example.

you need to increase the versioncodes but with the lowest versioncode
for the lowest architecture, i did it too and had no problem

so like this for your sequence if your highest used VC is 15 then:

Build                    VC
arm v7a                19 ---->next time --->23---->next time--->24
arm64                    20---->next time--->24--->next time--->25
X86                        21--->next time--->25--->next time--->26
x86-64                  22--->next time--->26--->next time--->27

and so on, you see the 64 builds need to be higher vc then the 32bits


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