Catalina & Mojave "Allow/Deny" dialogs

Paul Dupuis paul at
Tue Nov 5 11:37:58 EST 2019

Another "fun" feature of the newer macOS versions is the new Privacy 
(tab in the Security and Privacy pane of the System Preferences).

It seems that running our app generates a number of system dialogs of 
the form "[[OUR APPLICATION]] wants access to ...." with "OK" and "Don't 
Allow" buttons. Two of these make perfect sense.

1) Is access to the Internet, which appears to appear if and only if the 
Firewall is truned on (default in Mojave is off and in Catalina is on). 
Our app access a server file to see if there is a new version of itself.

2) [[OUR APPLICATION]] wants access to control "". Allowing 
control will provide access to documents and data in "", and 
to perform actions in that app." with the expected "OK" and "Don't 
Allow". This took me a while to figure out, but apparently it is cause 
by any app that uses AppleEvents. We use AppleEvents to detect if a 
document has been dropped on our app or one of our apps documents has 
been double clicked. We also respond to AppleEvent quit messages to exit 
our application. Seemingly pretty basic desktop applications tasks now 
have a vague warning message associated with them.


When our app is sitting there idle, we just saw one of these that says: 
"[[[OUR APPLICATION]] would like to access your Contacts" with the 
expected "OK" and "Don't Allow". Now, NOTHING in our application has 
anything to do with a person Contacts. So does anyone have ANY idea why 
this would popup?

What LiveCode statements or functions could generate this. Would access 
revMail do it? Our app can ask to send an email under certain 
situations. Does anyone have any experience with these new "Privacy" 
warnings and how best to address them?

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