Learning from scratch - any recommendations? [with OT additions]

Georges Malamoud malamoud.public at free.fr
Tue Nov 5 03:37:20 EST 2019

>> There are many good reasons to learn another language, ranging from the well-proven neurological benefits of multiple languages to the simple common courtesy of doing so - but in straightforward "increase in ability to communicate" I'm unconvinced that an English speaker gains enough to justify the effort.

Hello. I am french and an active person for cultural and linguistic diversity, not only for french speaking (francophone )countries :)
To speak several languages is a way to become richer, more open and versatile. Those who prefer to master only one language are ok but they are also sometimes closed to other cultures and, if it is not a problem for them, then it can be a problem for the others, the strangers. Those who would like to understand several languages, but cannot, are more open to cultural diversity. It is often a matter of choice. On the competitive market, it is best to speak several languages, of course. For me the best multicultural meeting is when each one speaks its own language (2 or 3) and everybody understand the others, because it is easier to understand that to speak. Those who measure their efforts in this matter are just losing ground. Have you seen several people speaking english with very different backgrounds (even in the same country) ? This can be a big source of problems in international meetings ;)

Coming back to Livecode, two points :
- LC is easier to read than to write because of its long sentences. It is a huge quality. But writing in LC means that you have to master concepts and algorithms and particularities of this loved and ç§&@!?’ed language. Easier if you know several computer languages. Fight for the computer language diversity also !
- The so called universal language was announced to be a possibility in LC to enhance the language but also, as announced, to translate it in other languages (like french) for kids with french words and expressions for example. Where are we on this subject ? Nowhere, it seems to me ! Too bad...

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