Managing maximized windows on MacOS

Paul Dupuis paul at
Mon Nov 4 17:16:23 EST 2019

I'd like to know this too. I'd love to see a way to better control 
maximizing a window. the windowBoundingRect is a little out of date.

1) It only applies to the primary monitor (any platform) and I am 
finding a lot more of our customers have multiple monitors these days 
(usually a laptop with a larger desktop monitor). However, with Catalina 
allowing iPads to be extra monitors for a macOS system, we're only 
likely to have more situations where desktop apps need to be multiple 
monitor aware

2) I am not sure it works any more on the latest versions of macOS

On 11/4/2019 1:58 PM, Giovanni via use-livecode wrote:
> Hi guys,
> from MacOS Mojave and on when you maximize a window (clicking on “+” button on windows main bar) the system maximize the window on the entire screen hiding all the system bars and moving the window on a different “virtual” space.
> Is there a way using LC to manage this window status?
> It’s possible to detect the window maximization (I.E. in a message) and manage the actions to activate when the window goes to this status or go back to the normal status?
> Thank you in advance for your tips!
> Regards
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