SSH and SCP in LiveCode

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Nov 4 13:54:59 EST 2019

Mike Felker wrote:

> I need SSH / SCP capability for LiveCode.
> Anyone know how to use this (either the old external or by any other means)?
> I do not thing TSNet will help in this case.

As Charles noted, tsNet supports FTPS, which tunnels FTP over SSH.

Personally, I find using the built-in shell function handy for shell 
calls like those.

If you set up shared SSH keys with the server (and who doesn't these 
days?) it becomes super-easy because you no longer need to write for the 
"expect" package to emulate login, which also means you don't have your 
password hard-coded in your script.

Lately I've been making good use of modding the sudoers file to allow 
certain local processes to handle automation tasks on the remote 
machine.  First I create a user for the process that will log in, and 
set it up in sudoers to be able to run only the command(s) I need that 
account to perform.  This helps minimize risk by granting only the 
privileges needed to get the task done.  And if the task is light 
enough, I can even use a non-privileged account for that.

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