Learning from scratch - any recommendations? [with OT additions]

Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Sun Nov 3 20:33:54 EST 2019

On 03/11/2019 22:04, Richmond via use-livecode wrote:
> I'm not sure if in some countries kids learn languages more easily 
> than in others.
> But, I do think:
> 1. In English-speaking countries there is an unconscious feeling that 
> learning a foreign language is not 100%
> serious as "all the world learns English."
No, it's surely simpler than that.

For an English speaker, a rational analysis shows that the Return on 
Investment for learning *any* other language is much lower than the RoI 
for anyone else thinking of learning English.

Learning another language is (for most of us) difficult - it takes a lot 
of time, energy and effort; so it's a legitimate question whether or not 
it is worth that investment ?

Although Mandarin and Hindi are spoken by more people than English, the 
great majority of those people are  very unlikely to be encountered by 
any English speaker.

Spanish has some claim - but outside of South America its numbers are 
much smaller - and the percentage of those outside South America who 
don't also speak English is (I suspect - can't find reliable numbers to 
back it up) probably low.

There are many good reasons to learn another language, ranging from the 
well-proven neurological benefits of multiple languages to the simple 
common courtesy of doing so - but in straightforward "increase in 
ability to communicate" I'm unconvinced that an English speaker gains 
enough to justify the effort.

Better to put the time / money into supporting EFL / ESL for others :-)

Alex, only partially tongue in cheek.

P.S. hmmm  does that argument also apply to Livecode ??

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