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Glad you discovered that :)

Op 2-11-2019 om 02:48 schreef Douglas Ruisaard via use-livecode:
> Thanks, JJS.
> I had that code ion place from Bob's suggestion but ran into the (apparent) never-ending "Attaching Engine" state.  **BUT** just now I discovered, as my eye glanced over at the app's script in the Editor, the standalone build had "re-started" my application and was "stalled" on a "red-dot" debug flag.
> I ALWAYS put a red-dot/debug flag in the "OpenCard" call so I can control whether I want the app to run or not when it initially loads into LC.
> Once I clicked on the <F5> (continue) button of the editor, the standalone completed.  REALLY?  Whatever!  Now that I know that "feature", I can live with it.. but I bet THAT characteristic *isn't* described in the release note(s).
> Thanks again for your help!
> Doug
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>> What you need is described in the release notes from 9.x onwards
>> Removing the command quit is not the solution
>> use this, it is copied from the release notes:
>> on closeStack
>> if the environment is "development" and \
>> there is a stack "revStandaloneProgress" and \
>> the mode of stack "revStandaloneProgress" > 0 then
>> exit closeStack
>> end if
>> end closeStack
>> i use it always and always works ok.
>> Op 1-11-2019 om 18:44 schreef Douglas Ruisaard via use-livecode:
>>> Thanks Bob and Heather and also a thanks to Giovanni Cannizzaro.
>>> Giovanni had the minimal fix to just remove a "quit" from any "shutDownRequest".
>>> Heather from LC also offered the following code in a related situation to Giovanni's:
>>> 	on closeStack
>>> 		if the mode of stack "revStandaloneProgress" > 0 then
>>> 			exit closeStack
>>> 		end if
>>> 	end closeStack
>>> The simple fix of removing the "quit" actually allowed the standalone to generate a working
>> executable... HOWEVER, now the build stops with a never-ending "Attaching engine" spinner.  I have to
>> completely exit LC to stop the "unfinished" process.
>>> I have tried inserting BOTH Heather's and Bob's suggestions but they do NOT resolve the "Attaching
>> engine" issue.
>>> Any suggestions?
>>> ps... LC business 8.1.10 still generated the standalone PERFECTLY... even with the v9 changes in the
>> script.  Glad I kept it around!!!  NOT lovin' v9x much at all!
>>> Douglas Ruisaard
>>> Trilogy Software
>>> (250) 573-3935
>>>> Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2019 22:12:17 +0000
>>>> From: Bob Sneidar <bobsneidar at>
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>>>> Subject: Re: generating a standalone in v9.x
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>>>> There is a set of commands that in certain scripts like opesStack and closeStack that will check to
>>>> see if the standalone builder is running, and then you can abort the handler.
>>>> The reason they do this is because your app could be doing anything at the moment the standalone is
>>>> being built. The standalone has to walk through every script to check what add-ons or libraries you
>>>> use so it can include them.
>>>> Here's what I do. In the stackScript of the mainStack:
>>>> on savingStandalone
>>>>      put true into gBuildingStandAlone
>>>> end savingStandalone
>>>> on standaloneSaved
>>>>      put false into gBuildingStandAlone
>>>> end standaloneSaved
>>>> Then in any openStack handler, either in the stack or card, I put this:
>>>>      put the environment is "development" and \
>>>>            there is a stack "revStandaloneProgress" and \
>>>>            the mode of stack "revStandaloneProgress" > 0 into skipLogin
>>>>      if not skipLogin then
>>>>      --- code that borks your standalone building. For me it was calling a login dialog as modal.
>>>>      end if
>>>> Bob S
>>>>> On Oct 31, 2019, at 14:50 , Douglas Ruisaard via use-livecode <use-livecode at>
>> wrote:
>>>>> I am having an issue with using "any" business version of 9 (9.04, 9.05, 9.5-32bit, 9.5-64bit) to
>>>> generate a standalone output of my application.  I am using Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 and have tried
>>>> building the identical script (with the same result) on two different installations of said OS on
>> two
>>>> different machines.
>>>>> LC business v 8.1.10 generates the standalone fine.
>>>>> LC business version 9.0.5 (with IDENTICAL settings in the "Standalone Application Settings" as
>> used
>>>> in the v8.1.10 build) seems to crash LC  just at the point of "closing open stacks" at which point
>> all
>>>> things LC disappear from my desktop.  An appropriate "destination" directory for the standalone is
>>>> created as per the settings but it is completely empty.
>>>>> The actual application runs fine in all LC business versions... it's just that I can't get the LC
>>>> v9.x to generated the standalone... and ... I can't find ANY error or log explaining what is
>> wrong!!
>>>>> Is there such a log or audit which details the steps that LC is taking and possibly what the issue
>>>> is that it cannot resolve?  I have checked at the Administrators tools event logging provided by
>>>> Windows 7 ... but there is no corresponding event which is simultaneous with the LC "crash".
>>>>> I follow this user-group quite closely and seem to recall others having issues with LC v9's
>>>> standalone processes but I cannot seem to find such references within the very large amount of chat
>>>> this site contains.  I have NOT checked the LC QC bugs since I really don't know what I'm looking
>> for
>>>> other than potential issues with the standalone builder.
>>>>> I'd very much appreciate any tips, pointers, explanations as to how to either resolve this issue
>> or
>>>> where within my LC environment I can find any logs concerning the standalone processing.
>>>>> Cheers!
>>>>> Douglas Ruisaard
>>>>> Trilogy Software
>>>>> (250) 573-3935
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