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Thu May 30 14:09:13 EDT 2019

On 2019-05-30 19:54, Sphere via use-livecode wrote:
> Perhaps for the older ARMv6 devices we may need 5 versions, but like
> you said Google play will push the best APK option for the device. And
> yes every APK needs to have a different/higher Version Code. And keep
> in check which Version Code you used for which type of APK.

LiveCode only supports Android 4.x and above, and all devices which run
4.x have at the very least an ARMv7 processor - so there isn't any need
for a ARMv6 device build anymore (hence why it has been removed in 9.5).

> Is it possible as feature, that there can be a checkbox added, so you
> can choose to have separate builds instead of one multiple build when
> more then 1 build is chosen?

That would be quite a useful thing to have - perhaps a check-box which
'builds separate APKs' on the standalone settings pane. It could also
do something to derive a new versionCode (they all have to be 

     APK-versionCode = S/B-specified-versionCode * 10 + arch-index

    arch-index = 0 (ARMv7), 1 (ARM64), 2 (x86), 3 (x86-64)

That would save having to specify (by hand) several different 
for each build.

Could you file an enhancement request for such an option, and we can see 
we can do.

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