FFI & VLC Player

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed May 29 14:38:23 EDT 2019

Tom Glod wrote:

 > Hi folks, I'm trying to wrap my mind around whether its possible to
 > integrate VLC into Livecode via the FFI in Livecode Builder.
 > I'm not so much asking how..... but whether..... I don't want to bark
 > up the wrong tree because I don't yet fully understand how this
 > integration works and what its limitations are.
 > This is to get around the codec limitations of the included Browser
 > CEF Builds.
 > A Yes or a No is fine.  Anything beyond that would be a bonus.

VLC has a C-based API.  FFI supports, among others, C-based APIs.

I'd say that should be a "yes".

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