Setting mobile scroller hScroll fails

JJS jjs at
Mon May 27 11:36:11 EDT 2019

Something similair with 2 fields, of which one did scroll (vertical) and 
the other not, Although the script for both was the same except for some 
naming to distinguish them.

Did not have time to upon it further.

(on Android)

Op 27-5-2019 om 00:03 schreef J. Landman Gay via use-livecode:
> I want to verify this is a bug and not just me.
> I'm creating a mobile scroller over a group. I want the group to 
> initially display with its hScroll all the way to the right. I'm doing 
> this:
> zoom the group out to fill the screen
> create a mobile scroller with the same rect
> set the hScroll of the group to its formattedWidth
> set the hScroll of the scroller to the scroll of the group
> If I insert an answer command to show the scroller's hScroll it 
> reports the correct number. But the scroller always acts like its 
> scroll is 0, and it won't scroll to the left at all. But scrolling it 
> to the right zaps both it and the group to zero and after that it 
> scrolls normally.
> I've also tried not setting the group's scroll and just setting the 
> scroller alone, thinking it might trigger the scrollerDidScroll 
> handler, but it doesn't.
> If I don't set any hScroll at all on either the group or the scroller, 
> all is well.
> Has anyone else seen this?

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