windowBoundingRect on multiple monitors? Is this a bug?

Paul Dupuis paul at
Sat May 25 17:19:28 EDT 2019

With LC90x+ we have the screenRect (for the primary monitor), the 
screenRects (for multiple monitors and we can even use the 'working' 
keyword to get the screenRect less any OS reserved space for menu bar or 
task bar.

Thus, if you have a set up with 2 monitors, the working screenRect 
returns the available space on the primary monitor leef any menubar or 
task bar. This is also the first line of the working screenRects and the 
2nd line of the working screenRects is the coordinated of the 2nd monitor.

If you have resizable windows, it is logical to set the 
windowBoundingRect to the working screenRect, so that windows that are 
zoomed (OSX) or maximized (Windows) are limited to the area of the 
primary monitor NOT being used for a menu bar or task bar.

However, there is only one windowBoundingRect, so what about a window on 
the second monitor that is zoomed or maximized. It ends up being 
constrained by the windowBoundingRect set based on the primary monitor! 
So if you second monitor is positioned so most of its area is outside 
the windowBoundingRect, you will be unable to fully maximize the window 
on the second display.

It seems to me that with the advent of multiple monitor support in 'the 
working screenRects' that there should either (1) be the 
windowBoundingRects (plural) with each one corresponding to each line of 
the screenRects OR (2) the windowBoundingRect be ignored on all monitors 
but the primary?

Anyone else run into this?

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