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On 2019-05-24 22:31, Richmond via use-livecode wrote:
> What I mean is that LiveCode produces a "Fat" standalone which suffers
> from the following disadvantages:
> 1. It's fat, quite literally.
> 2. I wonder whether MacOS Somewhere_Obscure_In-California (10.15) will
> not object to those
> standalones because, as well as containing 64-bit code they also
> contain 32-bit code.

You can choose to produce a slim standalone - the default in the S/B is 
to produce a standalone with both 32-bit and 64-bit slices... You can 
choose one, or other or both using the checkboxes at the top of the 
macOS specific settings pane.

The default in 9.0.x and onwards is to *only* select the 64-bit option 
for macOS for new stacks - however, if you created a standalone from a 
stack in older versions it will likely have both options set.

All macOS hardware which we currently support is capable of running 
64-bit apps... However, the reason why we must continue to provide fat 
binaries, and offer the choice to build for 32-bit on macOS is that we 
are aware of a number of users who have 32-bit externals which they have 
yet to migrate (migration, unfortunately, is not necessarily a simple 
recompile - due to the fact that macOS's 64-bit side does not support a 
large number of the older, long deprecated, system APIs).

In terms of the 32-bit warning that many have been noticing on Mojave, 
we found the culprit a month or so ago - the auto-updater sitting inside 
the app bundle is still 32-bit. We had intended to switch it to 64-bit 
for 9.5-dp-1 but ran out of time to do so.

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P.S. It would be *immensely* helpful for us at HQ if anyone who still 
relies on 32-bit externals in apps they are still maintaining (i.e. by 
continuing to build from the latest and greatest LiveCode versions) 
could drop a line to support at so we can keep track and use 
that information to influence the decision of when to cut 32-bit from 
the macOS binaries. [ The benefit from doing this is three-fold - it 
halves the time taken to build the macOS binaries, halves our macOS test 
matrix and reduces the size of the distribution by upward of 50-60Mb ].

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