Opening a stack changes it's set rect

Mark Waddingham mark at
Fri May 24 14:14:26 EDT 2019

On 2019-05-24 18:08, Paul Dupuis via use-livecode wrote:
> I discovered today that opening a stack changes its set rect (at least
> under Windows 10 in LC904/905rc1 when opening a stack invisible
> See this little gem:
> Not a problem is you are just popping up windows and then setting
> their positions, but if, for some reason, you want to precisely place
> windows (like we do) and then open them, this is a pain in the rear!
> Opening a window/stack should not change its rect!

I'd point out here that the stack's *rect* is not being changed... It's 
effective rect is changing - this is a very different thing (the 
effective rect is only calculable after the system window object has 
been created).

Given that the stack is being opened as invisible, then surely you can 
just open it invisible, then check its effective rect?

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P.S. A stack keeps its system window when closed unless the 
'destroyWindow' property is set; if the latter is set to true, then 
closing the stack will cause its system window to be destroyed.

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