Android Blocks LC With Browser Net Error

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Fri May 24 13:40:09 EDT 2019

That URL should be

It also crashes iOS  if the phone is blocked by a firewall.

    When a firewall or some other "obstruction" prevents accessing a URL in the browser widget on Android, it responds with an error page, in HTML, viz.
    [Android Green Robot Icon]
    "Webpage not available
    The webpage at 
    could not be loaded. 
    And now all the buttons and the nav/task bar at the bottom (which are now SVG drawings imported as icons) cease to function. The engine is blocked. The only way out is for the user to stop the app. 
    It's a pretty nasty bug. I will report it as such. But I was wondering, as a hack, if there is a way we could preempt the message with a TSnet command, before Android give the message. Then we could hide the browser, and give a notification: "Web Page not available. Check you net connection." 
    And keep the engine/buttons "alive" so the user can back out to "home"
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